What is Ubiq Window ?

Ubiq Window

Ubiq Window is a touchless optical technology which lets user’s experience a unique interactivity with digital content through natural gestures. Ubiq Window is incredibly attractive and easy to use and install. The Wow! Effect is immediate. Ubiq Window is open to any type of software applications, legacy web site or brand new applications. Ubiq Window can even be applied to real objects. Ubiq Window provides a unique experience that users will not forget.

Touchless Interactive Window

LM3Labs Ubiq’window


I'm a highly experienced and mature creative professional from Colombo, Sri Lanka. My passion for strong, unique design and creative expression drive me to do what I do. I strive to push the boundaries of design across all mediums to create new and immersive users experiences. My creative inspiration comes from the worlds of design, film, photography and the time spent with colleagues, friends and family. My flexible and dynamic approach allows me to provide my professional service, responsive and effective solutions to their business needs.

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