Flash AS3 with CSS

You can find simple Flash AS3 Class connected with CSS. You can create Flash User Registration form like below Screen shot show you using only AS3 and CSS.  You can find the AS3 Main.as class and simple CSS style sheet on this post.

Flash AS3 with CSS

Flash AS3 with CSS


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You Are What You Think

I am really impressed about Brian Tracy’s personal development theories. I just watch some of his videos on youtube and it’s awesome. We all can be 100% technical gurus but we can’t be success if we don’t have the self management skills, so it’s all about how do you achieve your goals. If you interest to read about his books please let me know I will put some of his books in my blog.

I get to know about him because he came to Belgium for seminar and I had the change to do his promotional web site using FIVe3D and that development work also awesome 🙂

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FIVe3D – 3D vector engine

I’ve been pretty fascinated with Mathieu Badimon’s elegant little 3D vector engine FIVe3D….say Zack Jordan Author of the pixelwelders.com and I am totally agree with the Zack because I have development experience in FIVe3D and Papervision3D and I know when it come to development how easy to handle FIVe3D and specially on typographic development. Also FIVe3D is the one and only 3D vector engine that Flash has yet. Simplicity is the beauty and Mathieu understand it clearly and he very well understands Flash Player’s capabilities. Presently I am doing some experiments on FIVe3D. In near future every one visit my blog can explore the boundaries that FIV3D can break. Also please note that I am not trying to evaluate FIVe3D and Papervision3D I am really impress FIVe3D because of it vector capability.

Zack Jordan Experiments on FIVe3D

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Adobe Flash 3D world

Flash is primarily a two dimensional environment so typically a library is used to display and manage the three dimensional graphics. Basically Adobe’s Flash player simulated three dimensional environments using 2D computer graphics.

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Brand yourself?

Today, in the Age of the Individual, you have to be your own brand. It’s time for me — and you — to take a lesson from the big brands, a lesson that’s true for anyone who’s interested in what it takes to stand out and prosper in the new world of work. In fact Sri Lankan Community and Talented Developers still didn’t understand the power of personal branding. It will be your unique research development or outstanding experience and skills that you have, how do you dispose it to public domain? In this case most of developers fear to share knowledge with community. We have to thank Sri Lanka .Net forum people that as Sri Lankan developers they are stand out. What happen to the PHP, JAVA developers? So are you ready to Brand yourself and go the extra mile that you have to go to win the world. Tips to Brand Yourself Online

Dinesh Peiris Design Lab

Brand Personality

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